Wednesday, June 24, 2009

6 Ways to Have a Ball!

Play Footsie – grab a big plastic ball, and have everyone lie down on the floor with their feet up.  Hold the ball with your feet, and try to work together to throw and catch it.

Clean it up- to keep your older toddler or preschooler busy while you’re doing stuff nearby, give her a beach ball and washable markers.  Let her decorate it and then “give it a bath” and wash the marker.

Toss It – Pair up, with each pair holding a bath towel between them.  Try to toss and catch a lightweight ball from towel to towel.  (If your indoors, use a beach ball) Count how many times you can toss it before it hits the ground.



You can find lots of cool ball-related games @  Click on the “kid games” section.     


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  1. Great games! I especially like the one with the beach ball. I think I'm going to try it;