Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Preschoolers On Up

·  Launch far-out fun. Let your child play Shuttle Tac Toe, Space Bounce, and other games at NASA Kids' Club @

·  Keep car trips fun:
- How high can your kids count before the next traffic light?
- Decide who'll listen for the words "new" and "old" on the radio. Whoever counts ten of her word first wins!

·  Test her memory. While you do laundry, log your child on to -- she'll have a blast clicking on lights on the turtle's shell as they come up.

·  Get in the St. Paddy's Day spirit: Cover a piece of shamrock-shaped cardboard with double-sided tape. Have your child stick on green paper, leaves, and other stuff.

·  Print out a Dr. Seuss game from

·  Kick off a buggy summer! Your child can design a cool virtual insect with wings and antennae at Build-a-Bug @

·  Engage in fowl play. Turn an orange into a turkey: Use toothpicks to attach a cherry tomato head, raisin eyes, a baby-carrot beak, and lettuce feathers.


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